History of Nevae's Upholstery

Nevae's Upholstery Shop's legacy dates back to 1957 when our Father, Juan Ortiz Alba, started working with his bare hands at a sofa company. Our father spent ten years working at that sofa company where he gained experience rebuilding recliners, sofas, and miscellaneous projects. We enjoyed going to the shop and working with him. Our dad always taught us to treat customers the way we want to be treated, and to listen before offering solutions. From 1980-85 we took on other challenges. We started working on building sofas, but our love for upholstery work, interior design, and working with our hands kept us in our father's shop. In 1985, we started designing our own interiors - the challenges kept coming and so did the clients.

In 1990, we ventured to Arizona, California, New York, Dallas, and Houston to continue our experience. We worked for several upholstery shops getting more ideas and more experience. We have since then moved to our current location in Austin, Texas, in 1998.

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